This is my second batch of the same simple Robust Porter recipe I brewed a few weeks ago. I’ve switched up the yeast, and did different things with the mashing due to not paying enough attention.





Brewday Notes

For this batch, I kept the grains and hops identical to the last time I brewed it, but I am swapping for the Wyeast London Ale yeast instead of White Labs

16.5 liters of water at 165F Mash in at 1815. Mash temp of 155F at 1825. (Mash is 3-4F too high, this will be interesting) Sparge was 15L at 155F. Sparge out with 10L at 200F. (This is different from my last brewing)

Boil-off was much higher than previous batches resulting in a much higher OG.

Refractometer Readings

SG: 1.036

OG: 1.057

FG: 1.028 (1.015 with correction)

ABV: 5.7%

Tasting Notes